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Not all breast cancer is the same, there are many different subtypes of breast cancer and they are

diagnosed upon the presence or lack thereof of three receptors known to fuel breast cancer. Some

of the most effective new breast cancer treatment therapies target these receptors specifically.

None of these receptors are found in women with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, so there are no

targeted treatment options. Consequently, Triple Negative Breast Cancer is typically more

aggressive and more likely to recur, and often, early detection is not enough.



In 2013, Dana and Lexi decided to do something to help bring awareness to this aggressive

subtype of breast cancer that they felt needed more attention. Having witnessed their mom’s

cancer recur because of the lack of targeted treatment options, they felt it was important to add to

the dialogue around breast cancer: not all breast cancer is the same, and there’s more to the story

beyond early detection. They were hopeful to find a targeted treatment option for Carol, and felt

making people more aware about this particular type of breast cancer, while funding research,

was a way they could help. Having brainstormed for months about doing a fundraiser for their

mom, the ideal opportunity presented itself when The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation

(TNBCF) created the inaugural Triple Negative Day on March 3rd, 2013. TNBCF called on

members of the triple negative community to help by hosting events around the country, and

Dana and Lexi saw this as their time to help.



Little did anyone know when they started planning in the fall of 2013, that in January, Carol’s

cancer would develop a rare complication, known as Leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, making

her situation terminal. Planning Mani-for-a-Cure provided something positive and hopeful

during that time, and Carol couldn’t have been prouder. Out of 50+ events that were held around

the country for Triple Negative Day, Mani for a Cure was the top fundraiser.



The inaugural Mani-for-a-Cure, was a sold out spa-themed charity event, with manicures,

massages, men's spa-shaves, raffle, open bar and hors d'oeuvres, and the evening served as a way

to educate a diverse audience of over 200 attendees about this aggressive form of breast cancer.

The event was held at lounge in downtown Manhattan, where Dana and Lexi currently reside.

Carol was not able to attend as she was hospitalized at the time due to complications but was

able to experience the entire evening through a video-conference. The next day Carol boasted to

all of her doctors and nurses what an amazing success the night was and how incredibly proud

she was of her daughters. Carol passed away less than a month later, March 27th, 2013.



After Carol passed away, Lexi and Dana were even more motivated to educate others about

Triple Negative Breast Cancer and that more research was needed to find a cure. The sisters

formed a 501c-3 tax exempt non-profit, Carol's Crusade for a Cure Foundation, and are currently

working on their 4th annual Mani-for-a-Cure charity event. In addition to the spa services, food

and drinks, and silent auction/raffle that are part of their charity event, the sisters place an

emphasis on education through guest speakers that include Triple Negative patients and leading

Breast Oncologists. Too many lives have been taken too soon by triple negative breast cancer,

and Dana & Lexi are determined to educate others about this disease to help find more treatment




Carol was a true fighter and had an absolute determination to fight and win despite the

unfavorable odds of her aggressive form of breast cancer. She courageously fought while always

comforting and uplifting others by her enormous fortitude in life. Carol's Crusade for a Cure is

determined to continue Carol's fight by raising awareness and funding to support organizations at

the forefront of triple negative breast cancer research.



Since 2013, Mani-for-a-Cure has continued to grow, honoring the life of Carol. The event has

grown to over 300+ attendees raised over $150,000 in the first three years, and expanded

services to include a hair braid bar and silent auction. As more events are held around the

country annually to support Triple Negative Day, Mani-for-a-Cure continues to be one of the top

fundraisers. As a result, in 2015, TNBCF recognized Dana and Lexi as TNBCF Triple Negative

Day Champions . As Mani and CCFAC continues to grow, Dana and Lexi have continued to

work with the TNBCF, most recently joining efforts to co-fund a $250,000 research grant for

metastatic triple negative breast cancer The AACR-Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation-

Carol’s Crusade for a Cure Foundation Career Development Award for Metastatic Triple

Negative Breast Cancer Research represents a joint effort to encourage and support junior faculty

to conduct metastatic triple negative breast cancer research and establish a successful career path

in this field. This grant, supported by the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation and Carol's

Crusade for a Cure Foundation, established in memory of Carol Eilbott Klebanow, provides

$250,000 over three years.

Sisters Lexi and Dana Klebanow co-founded Mani-for-a-Cure in 2013 as their mother, Carol, was battling aggressive metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Carol was initially diagnosed with early stage breast cancer 8 years prior and proactively took conservative measures after her diagnosis. Carol had a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, and remained in remission for nearly 5 years. During those 5 year she exercised regularly, ate an organic healthful diet, and enjoyed life with her family. Not even her closest family members fully understood the motivations for her vigor in maintaining a healthful lifestyle, but deep down Carol knew that despite her proactive and cautious measures, that her breast cancer was different since it was triple negative

and it was more likely to recur.



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